Monday, November 10, 2008

The wars that must be fought at home

From Sultan Knish

Obama could never have become President had not two generations been taught through public education and popular culture to devalue military service, mock patriotism, accept drug use and paranoid rants against America as normative. Worse yet had they not been taught to look to government to fill the gap of their own inadequacies leading them to be dissatisfied with anything less than a messiah figure.

The Democratic party, like most left wing movements, has thrived on creating and perpetuating disenfranchisement particularly among minorities to supplement its base offering of class warfare. But more devastatingly it has worked to displace America's traditional values with moral relativism as fed through popular culture on the low road and social justice on the high road.

Liberating America from Barack ibn Hussein (the name commonly being used for him through the Middle East) will not be accomplished by marching the troops in, but by reclaiming a lost generation who lacking a patriotic tradition embraced the celebrity of a manufactured superstar.

While we looked to threats abroad, the worm was boring into their hearts and minds with a culture that senselessly worshiped youth and rebellion, sneered at the flag and could no longer tell the difference between image and reality. After 9/11 we had the opportunity to liberate America by reclaiming the real meaning of what America is.

We still have that opportunity today because to liberate America we must liberate the real meaning of America. Not the one constructed by liberals as being synonymous with tolerance, fighting prejudice and immigration but the real America of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Nathan Hale.

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