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Honoring a Great American and a Patriot: Roger Gardner of Radarsite

We posted a link to Roger Gardner's
“A Brief Message To America”

No Sheeples Here!: Roger W. Gardner: A Gentle Giant
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and then . . .

Dear loyal Radarsite readers -- [Roger Gardner writes]

This is a strange message for me to be writing. But it must be done. But how? What can I say? I think I'll just say it up front. Two days ago I got diagnosed with acute leukemia. It is considered "lethal". I have been told that it could come to an end in as short a time as 2 weeks. I have been allowed to come home for one night before I go into the hospital tomorrow for chemo. If I survive the first week, things could get better, if I survive four weeks thing could really get better. However, as of now the first prognosis does seem the most likely. I think we all wonder how we might react to news like this. At this point I can tell you that I am in a good mood, and I have accepted it and I have nothing but gratitude that I have been allowed to live this long, and to have found such a fulfilling mission this late in life.

I am so grateful to have made so many good friends and to have found so many worthy patriots who love this great country of ours as much as I do, not despite what we have done but because of what we have done.

This may be my last article and of course I would like it to be my best. I would like to fill it with everything I have learned or felt. I would like to say something really profound and meaningful, but I just can't. I'm getting too tired right now to go much further.

I can only say thank you for all I have learned from you and for your steadfast loyalty. My fondest hope of course would be that I would come back home all cured and find this article to be an embarrassment to me. lol But of course that's not up to me.

Please, all of you, all of you who are my fellow warriors, all of you who have commented here, and all of you who have been quiet readers, keep up the good fight, and I hope that you have enjoyed me as much as I have enjoyed you.

With great respect,
Roger W. Gardner

And now:

A Great Update! [Roger writes]

. . . It seems your prayers are working. I just got back from the hospital in Boston last night with some wonderful news. The prognosis has been upgraded from 2-3 weeks to 3-9 months, and maybe even longer. AND, I don't have to spend this time in the hospital, but I can stay home and do the procedures as an outpatient. This is terrific news.

When I went into the hospital yesterday morning I had been told that I had 2 weeks left, and that I would most likely be put into the hospital immediately to start chemo, which I probably would not survive. Now suddenly I've got 3-9 months or longer, and I can spend them at home with my good friends and loving family. I got my Thanksgiving and Christmas back, and maybe even another Spring and some Summer. I feel like a kid on Christmas Morning. lol

I've received 1,000+ emails, so I just can't respond to them all. But I will try to keep you updated through Maggie's Notebook. I'm not in pain and I'm so grateful for all your thoughts and prayers. Last night when I got back from Boston I read over all of the comments to my announcement, and thinking of all these wonderful people and how they are all pulling for me is the closest I have come to tears.

Keep up the good fight. Maybe I'll be joining in sometime a little later.

Take care,
Roger G.

PS: I normally wouldn't be posting on my medical experiences to Radarsite, but this time it's a little different. After all of our great conversations I couldn't just suddenly disappear without any explanation. And also, the one thing we have always held in great esteem is honesty. So there you have it.

Posted by Roger W. Gardner

The original post date for this message was 11/18/08. It has been forward-dated to stay on top until Roger is back posting full time. Contributors will continue to post here [at Radarsite], and we ask that you continue to visit and comment. He will be reading your comments, and who knows - he may do some posting. We cannot replace Roger's dynamic work, but we can keep his blog going until he is "back on the line." . . .

Roger first became more than a name on a blog that I admired to me when he commented to my post
The Fate of the United States
by Paul Eidelberg
as follows:

Roger W. Gardner said...
Excellent article. Thank you for it.I cross posted it to Radarsite. Hope you approve.rg
October 16, 2008 5:45 AM

At another comment to the posting of Prof. Eidelberg's article at his site, Roger summed up what his blog is all about:

"Radarsite is an avowedly conservative, anti-Obama, anti-Islamic website devoted to the support of our American values. If you are looking for fair and balanced debate on these issues you had better look elswhere.- rg"

And here is Roger's take on Islam and its progenitor:

Wrestling With Mohammed
Originally published by Political Grind
by Roger W. Gardner
Sunday, December 09, 2007

Is Islam a religion of peace or an imminent fascist threat? This may very well be one of the most crucial questions of our era.

Is there actually a definitive, clear-cut answer to this monumental question?

Yes, there is, but unfortunately it is buried in a miasma of misinformation and religious apologetics. Also, unfortunately for some, there is no shortcut to understanding the true nature of Islam, just as there is no shortcut to understanding the true nature of Christianity. You will not get your answers by reading your local newspaper or by listening to the evening news. Knowledge, like any other worthwhile goal, must be earned, you must work for it. In the case of Islam, the answers lie in the Qur’an and in the accompanying expository texts. The answers lie in that abundance of Islamic literature, and in the pronouncements of its leaders and in their actions. The answers are there for all to see. They are clearly stated and unequivocal. But you must take the time to read them and to listen.

However, given the reality of our hectic lives, few of us have the space, or even the inclination to devote precious hours of our free time to this laborious and relatively abstruse quest. For most of us, this means that we have to rely on others to help us form our opinions. Generally, we tend to gravitate toward those opinions which fit most neatly into our own personal worldview. Or, put another way, into the rhetoric of our particular political persuasions. Thus, we rely for the exposition of truth on those purported experts who, whether overtly or covertly, have a personal agenda of their own.

What, you might ask, is my personal agenda?

Did I suddenly wake up one morning and decide to devote the rest of my life to denigrating one of the world’s major religions?


Did I suddenly wake up one morning to find that our country had just been attacked and thousands killed by a group of young Middle Eastern hijackers who just happened to all be Muslim?

And I have devoted a major portion of my life since then trying to better understand the true nature of this religion and of this threat.

Opinions, unlike principles, are not sacred possessions to be protected, locked away and defended from all intruders. Rather, they are, or should be, living and evolving attitudes, constantly subjected to rigorous revision and adjustment — or, when neccessary, quickly abandoned for some more plausible or cojent truth.

Is there perhaps a better way to understand this debate, without having to rely on the questionable opinions of others, while avoiding that impracticable investment of time and energy?I believe that there is. I believe that all it requires of us is the acceptance of the following simple and straight-forward premise: It is possible to understand the fundamental nature of a religion by judging the character of its founder. If one accepts the fairness of this premise, then our task becomes a little easier.

Fortunately, there is an abundance of literary evidence devoted to the lives of both Jesus Christ and Mohammed. The problem for us is that, while almost all of us have a comfortable familiarity with the narrative of the life of Christ, few of us could relate the life of Mohammed with the same confidence.

Therefore, when we are told that Islam is a religion of peace, we tend to accept this statement at face value; all that we can equate it to are those religions with which we are familiar, which, for most Christians is Christianity, which in its present form is basically peaceful.

The contrast between the lives of these two monumental figures could not be more striking or more enlightening. The basic facts of their lives are well-documented and attested.

There are, to the best of our knowledge, no surviving texts which document Christ either injuring or killing any living creature, let alone another human being.

Mohammed slaughtered dozens of his unfortunate enemies, personally decapitating his rival Abu Jahl.

Again, to the best of our knowledge, Jesus Christ never participated in any acts of piracy, rape, plunder, kidnapping or thievery.

Mohammed did.

It has never been substantiated that Jesus Christ had ever had any physical relationship with any contemporary female or participated in any form of pedophilia.

Mohammad had eleven wives, whom he sometimes enjoyed all at once — including nine year old Aisha. When Mohammed took the child Aisha to bed he was fifty-three years old. He also took the wife of his adopted son to bed for his amusement. Conveniently, for justification of these abomidable acts he invariably claimed to have recieved some form of special divine encouragement or dispensation in the form of a vision from Allah.

Since its inception, two thousand years ago, Christianity has evolved and refined itself through a whole series of reformations and readjustments. The episodic violence of its early years has given way to a generally peaceful coexistence with secular authority.Islam has never changed — except for the negative effects of Wahhabism, which only succeeded in turning Islam further in on itself and away from the world of progress and enlightment.

Christianity has brought the world the message of kindness and charity. If the world has at times chosen to ignore this message, that is not the fault of Christianity but, rather, a testament to the weakness of human beings. Over the years, Christianity has unquestionably inspired untold numbers of artists, sculptors, writers and musicians to produce some of the most marvelous creations the world has ever known.

Islam has brought the world polygamy, forced female genital mutilation (an estimated 135 million to date, with 2 million young girls presently at risk), forced marriages, pedophilia, officially-sanctioned rape (804 documented cases in the year 2000 in Pakistan alone), along with those wonderful family values, such as honor killings and the total brutal subjagation of all of its second-class females, and has infected the world with it’s most virulent form of anti-Semitism.And let us not forget those unquestionable benefits of global terrorism (between the years 1960 and 2000, 95% of all terrorist attacks were the result of Islam).Here, my friends, is the holy voice of Allah: “I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their heads and cut off each of their fingers and toes.” (Qur’an 8:12)

In the immortal words of Edward Gibbon, from his monumental “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”, long before this cowardly age of Political Correctness: “His [Mohammed’s] voice invited the Arabs to freedom and victory, to arms and rapine, to the indulgence of their darling passions in this world and the other…”

Perhaps the most illustrative example of the character of Mohammed in our current age would be a cross between Pol Pot and John Gotti — although, to his credit, John Gotti never had any incestuous or pedophilic relationships that I am aware of. The deadly Fatwas issued in Mohammed’s name, or in the name of one of his mullahs, are morally identical to a mob-sanctioned contract, and should be treated with the same contempt.

If my characterization of this “peaceful religion” appears to some as harsh and brutal, it is because this terrible “religion” is harsh and brutal. However, everything that has been stated above can be readily substantiated with their own writings and in their own words.

But what, then, of those “Moderate Muslims”? What of those decent Muslims who claim that they are fighting back against those particularly violent precepts of Islam?To these valiant apostates I can only answer, if you are truly willing to disassociate yourselves completely from the divinely perfect words of the Prophet, if you are truly willing to turn your backs on the entire force of the argument of his criminal life, if you are truly willing to accept without qualification the natural equality of women, and the right to the existence of a viable Jewish state, then I welcome your rebellion and bow to your courage.

And, might I suggest, that we honor this great internal theological jihad of yours by allowing those munificent Saudis to erect a Grand Mosque in New York City, as they still plan to do in London. I propose that the construction of this Great Monument to Islam coincide with the ground-breaking ceremony for that first great synogogue in Riyadh or with the innauguration of that first magnificent Roman Catholic Cathedral in Cairo.

Further, I support the opening of innumerable Islamic Madrasses throughout the United States, immediately after our own Pastor Ed is allowed to conduct his first Christian History classes in Damascus.

I also believe that it is only fair and right that we provide those Muslims in our midst with their religious footbaths in our universities and our airports, right after that first Christian Science Reading Room opens its doors in Yemen.

And, to be completely fair, we should allow full native Muslim dress in all of our schools and universities, just as soon as those Iranian women are allowed to wear short skirts and uncovered hair to the University of Tehran.

Lastly, to the question of whether Islam is or is not a fascistic threat, consider this: according to my dictionary’s definition, fascism is “a governmental system (remember, there exists no distinction in Islam between religion and government) led by a dictator (Mohammed or his imams) having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism.”

Could there be any more precise description of our current threat?

I rest my case and patiently await those inevitable cries of prejudice and racism.

And perhaps a stray fatwa.;
Posted by Roger W. Gardner at 10:15 PM

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