Thursday, October 16, 2008

Evaluation of candidate Obama for position of "Most Powerful Man in the World"

“Summary Evaluation of Candidate Barack Hussein Obama”

(Excerpt from "A Story About a Man Applying for a Job")

* This candidate has a tissue thin work experience resume.

* He has not managed large groups of personnel, departments, material, or P&L statements.

* This candidate’s own writing exhibits a deep-seeded anger and resentment towards people of the Caucasian race over the issue of slavery.

* His emotional gravitas is centered upon his African heritage, and his belief that the white man is responsible for global poverty and unequal sharing of wealth.

* The candidate’s personal associations since childhood have been mostly with radical African Americans, Muslims, and communists; those who harbor anger towards The United States of America.

* Particularly disturbing is his lengthy relationship with Bill Ayers, an unrepentant Weatherman radical who bombed government buildings and abdicated the overthrow of the United States.

* Given the current global situation of nearly twelve thousand Muslim acts of terrorism since 911, it is disturbing to find his close associations with Muslim groups,

* I have highlighted passages in both books and find one particularly disturbing: “Should the political winds shift in an ugly direction I will side with the Muslims.”

* The candidate has surrounded himself with anti-American grievance mongers, and appears to manipulate “typical white people” by appealing to their guilt about slavery.

* He is a socialist, and totally disenfranchised from the history of “root America.”

* The candidate refuses to discuss his years at Columbia University, although he lived off campus and made few friends.

* He will not release his application to the state bar notes which raises questions on several issues including the use of drugs.

* Very little is available about his experience with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a foundation that spent $100 million with no discernable benefit for the schools and students that it was putatively designed to help.

It is therefore my strongest recommendation this candidate not be considered for [this] position . . . .

[Reason: The candidate is not qualified for this position]

from Vetting the Candidate - Whether "Manchurian" or Not, What's He Got?
"A Story About a Man Applying for a Job"
The Jihad Candidate II,
Rich Carroll
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Is Obama a Manchurian candidate?

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