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Is the Election Over? Has it been irrevocably decided?

Review of an article from Pajamas Media
Is the Race Over? by Jennifer Rubin

"Don't write off the underdog just yet," Jennifer Rubin maintains.
But she goes on to say, " the notion that the race is “over” is an artificial construct, of course, by the MSM."


"It does become a self-fulfilling prophecy to the extent Republicans despair and fail to turn out. But, by the same token, the Democrats’ victory depends in large part on turning out irregular voters such as college students.

"So both sides must reiterate a truism: the race is decided by those who show up to vote."

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Is the Race Over?
by Jennifer Rubin
Don't write off the underdog just yet.
October 25, 2008 - by Jennifer Rubin

a Comment from the foregoing article:


I wake up on some mornings, not feeling as if I am in the middle of an election year, but rather, in the middle of a Nelson DeMille novel.

Ok, so let me get this straight. On the one side, we have a man who served the country almost his entire adult life. Was taken as a prisoner of war and served for over two decades as a senator. His record as a senator shows a willingness to not only legislate in a bi-partisan manner, but to put country and honor and principles over party loyalty. We can look at virtually the entirety of his life and his record as a legislator and come away with a pretty clear picture of what we are getting. He is NOT a clone of the current President, far from it. That is a dime store sound bite. He is a centrist leaning thinker and a staunch and unwavering supporter of Israel. He is the center right mirror image of Joe Lieberman’s center left politics. Their brotherly handshake crosses the very midpoint of American politics. Neither is a fringe candidate.

On the other hand, we have a man whose history is lost in the mist. He has had a penchant for cleaving to some of America’s most virulent voices of hatred and …to be kind…revolution…if not outright treason. His “spiritual advisor”, his “guiding light”, has asked God to damn America…not defend it.

He has an association with not just one, but several fringe agents of radical extremism who actively seek the overthrow of our government and undermine our allies…while lionizing our enemies…and have met with those enemies of state in furtherance of that agenda. Michael Klonsky is not William Ayers, but they are kindred spirits in seeking revolution. Ayers has announced himself an anarchist and a small “c” communist. Posters of Che Guevara are proudly hung, but our own flag is “the wrong kind” of patriotism. Farrakhan and Wright meet with Libyan dictators, Ayers with Chavez, Klonsky with Maoists and Malley with Hamas.
Rashid Khalidi, is a dinner companion. The late Edward Said was one as well.

And the ONLY person digging into the history of this candidate…is a very um…unique…character who has filed a lawsuit that alleges, inter alia…that the candidate was born in Kenya, that he applied for college grants or aid as a foreigner and not as a US citizen, that he never held a US citizenship…but rather a dual one from Kenya and, of course…from Jakarta where he went to school as a boy.

This, of course could be cleared up in a matter of moments with his college records and applications, cooperation with the Kenyan government, …and it would put an end to the rather ridiculous lawsuit, by this …um…unique…litigant.

Except…the Kenyan government detained someone who went there in peace to uncover whatever facts could be dug up. It appears that someone named Odinga has a blood relationship to the candidate…and some influence in Kenya. What does this Odinga person stand for, in terms of political beliefs? And why hide documents that would clear up the situation?

Well…no matter. It is simply a matter of having the colleges and universities and public records holders turn over a couple of papers and the bizarre matter is cleared for good. Except, our universities and colleges and public libraries all of a sudden begin blocking inquiry into what otherwise would seem to be a rather mundane set of documents.

Either he did or he did not apply for grants and aid and acceptance as a foreign student or he did not. Either he attended meetings and conducted business with certain individuals or he did not. A silly, ludicrous, inane accusation by a rather …um…unique…litigant…should gain no traction and we should go on with more serious issues. But…there is no hospital record of birth in the US.

Yet, anyway.

The college records are locked and sealed. The Kenyan government refuses to cooperate and detains the only person who sought to dig for the answer.

So…maybe the guys who are doing the digging are a little…um…unique…but all of a sudden I’m not so sure who is crazy and who is sane any longer. I am normally pretty level-headed and I am fighting off this paranoia with every fiber of my being. There is a normal, rational, sane explanation…for what has gone on unexplained for too long here.

But since our very incurious media seems more intent on pursuing their foot fetish on Sarah Palin and whether she is wearing pumps today or espadrilles…I’m not sure where to find the confirmation that truth isn’t stranger than fiction in this election.

I have three areas of inquiry that I think are fair and reasonable:

1)Frank Marshall Davis, William Ayers, Michael Klonsky, Alice Palmer, Danny Davis, the New Party, the DSA, have all espoused radical extremist views regarding our government, ways to undermine it, and to overthrow or replace it with some brand of leftist ideology. Are we entitled to know the truthful depth and breadth of your associations with these individuals and groups and what…PRECISELY…is that relationship over the years. How PRECISELY do you view that ideology, where PRECISELY do you differ and where PRECISELY do you concur?

2)Your foreign policy team is made up largely of people who hold very similar views on Israel, which, to date has been complete inapposite to the American people. Brzezinski, Malley, Kurtzer, Lugar, Jones, Power, Rice, Lake, Bonior…along with Zinni, Baker, Buchanan…make up a unit of thought that is in line with the Walt and Mearsheimer reasoning. This portends a sudden and abrupt shift in our relationship with Israel and the Palestinians. What, PRECISELY …do you find persuasive in their line of thinking and what PRECISELY do you disagree with? You have had social dinner evenings, at a minimum, with Rashid Khalidi, someone who supports suicide bombers and has been a radical extremist in his speeches against Israel. What PRECISELY is your view on Khalidi and the late Edward Said?

3)This matter of this bizarre lawsuit can be cleared up in a matter of moments. What could possibly be in your college records that is not a source of pride to you? Your grades? Who cares…the classes you took, completely beside the point. What in the world would be in there that would motivate you to deny access to them?

But they could disprove that you applied for grants, aid or acceptance as a foreign citizen as alleged in that bizarre request for admissions. And why would you issue a “call to action” against Stanley Kurtz on Milt Rosenberg’s show? He is respectful and diligent…even if he disagrees with your position or digs for documents regarding your associations with the people and institutions in paragraph 1 above. Asking universities and libraries to lock down evidence is not the “change” and “new type of leadership” that any of us want. Don’t you want people to get to know you, since you are rather new to the scene?

If this is a “distraction” from “real” issues…isn’t it best to open it up, get it over with and proceed on with those other issues? By blocking, stalling, hindering and shouting down those inquiries…it only prolongs the unanswered questions…and it leaves them lingering in the air.

Words are not evidence. Speeches are not evidence. I have tended to believe that some of these fantastical allegations could not possibly be true. That they were the products of fertile imaginations and tortured logic. But the fact that they remain unanswered and combined with the detention in Kenya, the shout down of Kurtz, the lockdown of the public records, the calls to action, the threat of “fairness doctrines”, the conspiracy of silence of the entrenched (and ever more apparently “controlled” media)…stinks of a coverup to be quite frank.

Private presidential seals? Overblown portraits hung on buildings? Paramilitary chants and exercises?

Start the revolution without me.
Oct 25, 2008 - 2:15 am

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