Thursday, October 16, 2008

From "A New Dark Age is Dawning"

This is No Way to Win a War! Weakness, Cowardice, and Damn Lies from the Leader of the Free World!

Click on the above and find out what and who started sending us into that Dark Age.

Keep reading the posts here to discover who would be greasing the skids to send us roaring, at supersonic speeds, ever deeper into that Dark Age [it won't be McCain; it'll be the false "messiah"].

BUT do not go quietly into that Dark Age . . . Rage! Rage! Rage!

[The above line has been paraphrased, bowdlerized, and shaped to fit our purpose from the poet Dylan Thomas, to whom we doff our silly party hats!]

[Why are we wearing "silly party hats" at this most grave of times? Because we are in an "Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, for Tomorrow We Die" mode! We better get out of it--fast--if we know what's good for us! That means, don't accept the appeasement of the Islamic onslaught on our culture that our government has been practicing as something "inevitable" in the future. That means electing a Congress and a President that is intent on preserving our Constitution and laws, and not abrogating any of them in favor of un-American shariah.]

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