Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama and the Great aCORNholio Caper


Obama Blows Off ACORN when Questioned About his relationship with this "Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now"


"You can not escape the almighty bonghole... Run as you may, you cannot escape!"

Yes, Senator Obama, you cannot escape your past, running as fast as you may. It is gaining on you and it always will, until it overtakes you--even if you attain an undeserved presidency. You can do your soft-shoe dance and you will fool some of the people some of the time, you are now even fooling most of the people most of the time, but no matter how fast you dance about (with your oily silver tongue), you can't fool all the people all o' the time!


Obama Represented ACORN in a law suit

He was the lawyer for ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now)

$32000 dollars from his campaign went to ACORN get out the vote . . .

guess who those aCORNholios will be signing up--and for whom?

So, Senator Obama, as you're shaving that sooo smooth face o' yourn, you may well ask yourself, (after mentally asking the mirror, "Am I aCORNholio?") "Who's the biggest CORNholio in all the land?"

. . . and speaking of ACORNholios, there's "blue-collar" Joe Biden, who trips over his tongue (not an oiled silver one like his "senior" candidate's), who claims to live on the same street as plumbers and other "blue-collar" workers, who I am certain have not had the same bags-under-the-eyes-tightening (via Botox?) and reputed hair plug renovation as he sports.

Obama's great ACORNholio caper may well leave him with TP trailing from his well-polished shoe (or snaking down from his waistband in back)

[with apologies to Mike Judge and The Great Cornholio]
he may well prove to be the greatest cornholio of them all
(who's dat? who you talkin' 'bout?)
name starts with an O

The ACORN File
Barack Obama's Involvement with ACORN
[if you want to know more, start your research here, and keep on clicking links as they appear on page after page]
Behold ACORN’s ‘Communist Manifesto’
(This last link has photo of a younger Obama in front of massed posters, each one reading, "It's a POWER thing X")

Photo below: See the ACORN shirt on the lady? See a young Obama sitting there? Draw your own conclusions.

NOTE: Put an "A" in front of the word "CORNHOLIO" on the poster.

[better yet, leave the "A" you just put at the beginning of "CORNHOLIO," then erase "CORN"]

Next, you could replace the beginning "A" with the word "bong" (isn't that some sort of smoking device?), if you you wish

the question remains unanswered (except silently, by each one of us to ourselves):

"Who's the biggest AcornHOLIO in all the land?"

(You could also take out the word "Acorn" right above and replace it with the word for the "smoking device," should you be so inclined.)

and the answer is . . .

. . . blowing in the wind. The answer is blowing in the wind.

(and there it must remain)

ACORN logos thanks to Michelle Malkin

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