Thursday, October 16, 2008


I'm not from Pennsylvania or West Virginia nor any of the States with people disparaged by Obama, hinting that they were xenophobic (didn't like illegal aliens taking work from them) and implying that they were racist--and thusly would not vote for him.

Although I am not from those states, I will not vote for Obama. One reason is that Obama looks down on people who turn to God and guns when threatened by a Socialist regime such as he proposes.

As the people who Obama says turn to God and guns, I do likewise when an upstart such as Obama wants to take money earned and give some of it to people who earn nothing because they loll about the "communities" that he got his political start in by "organizing" them to vote for him.

While watching and listening to the Last and Final Debate of this presidential series, I heard Obama make nothing of his relationship with Bill Ayres ("the guy who lives on the street where I live" or something like that, as he once called him) and lie--LIE--about his association with ACORN, which he spoke as if it were something he never even had been near.

Over at there is this video--(you have to scroll down to "No wonder our enemies love B. Hussein Obama")--where Obama prattles on about this being a pluralistic society, that we are no longer a Christian nation--but a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Bhuddist nation, a Hindu nation, a nation of non-believers . . . then he knocks the Old Testament, followed by disparaging the Sermon on the Mount, puts down conventional (white) Churches and "Church Fathers," declares that he chose Black Christianity--African Christianity--because it is concerned with the downtrodden (code word for the "communities" he organized).

His preference for Black Liberation Theology (of which the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is a grating example) combined with his stand against guns made me remain firm on the side of God and guns.

When the chips are down, one goes with the other.

Note: I know that he (that one, Obama) said "the Bible and Guns," but then what is the Bible but The Word of God?

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  1. Your last sentence is rich, a truth that many are not looking at. He claims to be Christian (and may be, I cannot judge one's relationship with God), but he doesn't mind bad-mouthing those who are faithful.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth