Friday, October 10, 2008

Is McCain Wimping Out?

You may recall when McCain was in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination, he started mediocre . . . then he fizzled out, grew paler yet, and faded to white.

Then, somewhere in Florida, suddenly Giuliani and Romney's candidacy went south, and McCain became THE MAN!

(What happened and how it was pulled off is as murky as Obama's entire past--except for the parts he shows off to make him appear what he is not.)

Now McCain, wounded by the pollsters, is alienating his supporters, jumping to defend Obama as an "honest man, not to be afraid of"--which is not true: Obama is dangerous--and he is a liar!

Looks as if McCain wants to bend over backwards, be fair, be the good guy. he is bending over so far backwards that he has broken his back.

Apparently he does not belive that good guys don't win ball games.

I mean, there's good, which is fine, but then there is being so straight that you become stiff and the crooks (Obama and his gang) can shatter you.

Unaware that he is being savaged by the Obama attacks on his ignorance of the economy (which is not true--he has a different idea on what to do to save it--and it is not by higher taxes), McCain attacks his own backers, by chiding them to be as "fair" as he is and reminding them sharply that "Obama is a fine and decent human being," which the heir-apparent of the Presidential throne is NOT.

Those of us, who want to elect him to be President, will have to do so in spite of McCain himself.

He is shutting up the people in his audience who are asking the tough questions about Obama's misdoings--the questions that he should ask himself--instead of waiting for the economy to improve (which'll be a cold day in hell) so that--as he sees it--he can regain his footing.

What happened to the guy who shouted "I will fight for you!" Huh?

[He ain't fighting for us, he's defending (fighting for) Obama]

If McCain at this stage wants to go into the White House fair and square, without tearing Obama a new nether orifice--which that sleek slimeball surely needs done to--then I got news for him: He ain't going to get near the Presidency as far as electoral votes are concerned.

(The McCain mounting irrelevance is compounded by the new attempt to disembowel McCain's vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin--an operation which is going ahead full bore.)

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