Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Was McCain Shot Down Once again*?

after the second debate?

Was McCain Shot Down Once again*?

with disasterous results for ALL OF US (except the people populating the "communities") not just for McCain this time.

The polls show the Obama Machine ahead, seeming unstoppable at this point. Whatever McCain tries, the polls stay steady for the Obama Machine (if you want to know what it has in store for us, see "The Alinsky Blueprint that Obama is following".)

John McCain was bland, not as abrasive as you have to be against a slick Machine-politicians as is that Alisnky-Ayres-slimed Barack Hussein Obama.

Message to John McCain:

CRANK IT UP! For Heaven's Sake! and ours.

*and this time--no POW status, as horrid as that was, for us who are counting on him to bring us down safely--This time we'll all CRASH and BURN!


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