Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I hope you all will like working in blighted "communities" across this magnificent country when drafted to do so as well as sharing your wealth with

. . . those in more need of it than you as determined by your new Administration--at home in the "less-fortunate-than-you 'communities'" as well as abroad in all those blighted African places, starting with--well why not?--maybe Kenya?

Too obvious for a start? Well there's plenty other impoverished, didease- and famine-riddled "countries" on the dark continent!

That'll be the tasks of the revived "Peace Corps," which will be designed to win friends and influence peoples--all over the world, so our image will once again be untarnished!

And for those of you that would rather serve in the United States military--which will be engaged in building up infrastructures all across the globe--you can opt for that.

(perhaps some of our armed forces under the new commander-in-chief, who has never served, the opposite in fact, will be sent to offer non-aggression to the Taliban and attack Pakistan)

The new foreign policy will consist of meeting everybody and anybody and negotiating with them so that they see us as a CHANGED America, which means we will be just like all the other countries in the world, not wealthier, better armed, nor with more freedoms that any of the other members of the United Nations!

If we have to let Israel get nuked to satisfy the "small," unimportant country of Iran, then that's one sacrifice we can well afford (and it's about time we stopped supporting the "Zionist menace" in the Middle East and again earn the friendship of the peaceful and benevolent Islamic nation of the world).

[If you detect any sarcasm in these pronouncements, rid yourselves of that perception. this is the Change that you-all were yammering for. Good Luck with it and see whether you like "Yes WE CAN!" as you march in lockstep to the Change you can believe in.]

NOTE: Judging from all the giddy newscasters and talking heads, your new President will be the immaculate and "very-presidential" Barack Hussein Obama. You all are welcome to him and what he will bring you.

I shall not partake in his new ventures, but will sideline myself and retreat into private practice, reserving my thoughts about the whole enterprise to remain sub-rosa. I shall, however, continue to participate, unofficially of course, as a member of a disorganized but loyal (to our principles) opposition, and continue in that capacity to fight enemies foreign and domestic (because there will be few left to do that).

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