Friday, October 3, 2008

McCain's "Gentility"- . . . . . . . . . Sucks!

Always the calm, controlled one, fending off vicious attacks, whether by the females of "The View" or from the newcomer and upstart Obama. His fabled "temper" is kept under wraps, held in check. Does he appear to be the "maverick," the man who can bring welcome change (as opposed to the "turn-the-Society-upside-down change of Obama) to our country?

Not at the rate he's been holding himself back. Always the gentleman, almost apologetic for the attacks on him by vicious Democrats that want to foist Obama on the American people. McCain has not donned the mantle of leader and champion of the anti-Obama contingent in the nation.

From the beginning, McCain promised us a "genteel" campaign.

He is determined to remain the gentleman, to be nice.

Hasn't he learned that nice guys don't win ball games?

And unless a presidential candidate starts to defend himself, he will be remembered as just that: a presidential candidate. Like wrecked ships, those are still around, here and there--a few still in the Senate others already retired.

[On a less "genteel" note, what McCain has to do to Obama is to tear him a "New One*." So far, he has either ignored or excused the "New Fuehrer" who promises to make--not America--but the entire world, starting with Africa, into a "Paradise on Earth."]
*an "O"

on another note that brings up the O-man's accomplishments: viz

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