Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Troubles Go Deeper, Much Deeper than Obama for President

"Barack Hussein Obama is just the icing on the cake."
--Baron Bodissey

An excerpt from "Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Troubles"
by Baron Bodissey


The Dow Jones Islamic Index Fund.

In other words, the fund is part of Wall Street’s respectable and officially-sanctioned sharia finance.

I know a lot of people don’t object to sharia finance — “Who cares if Muslims are stupid enough to pay extortionate rates to borrow money?”

But sharia is of a piece. When the finance portion enters a community, it brings along with it the dietary rules, the segregation of the sexes, the chopping off of hands, the execution of apostates, and all the other lovely customs we’ve come to associate with Islamic law.

In a way, all the fuss about Obama is just a sideshow. The real scandal isn’t about what Barack Hussein Obama will do once he becomes President of the United States.

The real scandal is what has been done under the current administration, as well as in the previous four presidential administrations.

Sharia has come to Wall Street. Our government refuses to enforce our borders. School children in Texas pledge allegiance to the Mexican flag. Federal courts overturn popularly mandated laws to sanction illegal aliens.

And our leaders refuse to name the enemy.

Barack Hussein Obama is just the icing on the cake.

from Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Troubles
by Baron Bodissey

Also from this post at "Gates of Vienna:"
Gates of Vienna: Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Troubles:

Unfortunately for American Muslims, there will never be very many degrees of separation between a member of virtually any mosque congregation and radical terrorist groups. That’s because the Saudis and the NAIT control most mosque assets in the United States, train the imams, print the Korans, distribute all the apes-and-pigs promotional materials, educate the students, and lobby Congress. There’s never more than a thin gauze between any practicing Muslim and the enemies of the United States.But that’s a fact that everyone, including both political parties and the government, would rather not talk about.
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Want to know more about the Muslim Brotherhood*?
A Comment to the foregoing excerpted post :

omar said...
Hello I would like to invite you to visit our website :
IKhwanweb is the Muslim Brotherhood's only official English web site. The Main office is located in London, although Ikhwanweb has correspondents in most countries. Our staff is exclusively made of volunteers and stretched over the five continents.

The Muslim Brotherhood opinions and views can be found under the sections of MB statements and MB opinions, in addition to the Editorial Message.

Items posted under 'other views' are usually different from these of the Muslim Brotherhood."

COMMENT (by Leslie White) on the foregoing "Comment:"
Remember, whatever you read there is Moslem propaganda--taqqiya**, lies are permitted to Moslems, if they advance proselytization, the cause of islam.
* A widespread Islamist organization founded in 1928, the Brotherhood seeks to Islamize societies from the ground up and compel governments in Muslim countries to adhere to sharia, or Islamic law.

**Al taqqiya, mandated dissimulation by Muslims to non-Muslims. Lying to infidels is desirable and recommended --Jesse Collins
To elaborate, by the same commentator:
"If you are not aware of Al taqqiya, I believe it is the principal model used by Islam supporters to facilitate the allusion of a "peaceful" Islam. Supposedly passed down directly to Mohammad from God, and then to Mohammad followers, they - believers (Muslims) - when applying the first apparently non agressive aspect of Jihad as Muslims immigrate into the target country to be conquered and before Dhimmitude is established, are told by God to lie to the members of the host country about Islam's aims, that is establishment of Islam as the only way of life under dhimmitude and sharia, including destruction of the civilization, whether Hindu, Christian, Jewish, or other. The lie and referenced Allah - Mohammad contriving process is called Al Taqqiya, or Taqqiya.

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