Sunday, August 3, 2008

America: Hijacked in Plain Sight

by Rev. Lainie Dowell

Rev. Lainie Dowell was a civil rights advocate and community activist for over 40 years, the former secretary of NAACP in Howard County, MD, and a singer with the Suburban Mass Choir. The recipient of numerous awards, she has been the Ministerial Advocate for Christian Clergywomen over 20 years. She and her husband are the parents of four grown children and numerous grandchildren and godchildren

America: Hijacked in Plain Sight

Terrorists are now out of airplanes. Nevertheless, Americans continue to be held up in their travels by so-called intrusive security checks at airports across this nation while terrorists are down on the ground working among people that we think we know. And, as incredible as that may sound, Americans are being held hostage on our own land. We have watched and remained impotent as the Democrat party has mercilessly worked to undermine President George W. Bush and his administration with their courageous effort to combat the terrorist warfare against us at its root (i.e., wherever it is and whoever supports it to harm Americans and the free world).

What's more, the intent of Democrats is to use our own children as weapons against us to further their goal of capturing the White House through the propaganda of hip-hop and rap and movie makers. Doubtless, many youth are being inducted into the voting process despite their being underage, and are used as unsuspecting pawns in this poll-driven world to affect the kind of change in America which has become the overstated theme of Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), but without specificity. And, as the 2008 Democrat presumptive nominee for President of the United States, he has begun to campaign in earnest against the Republican presumptive nominee, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), by labeling him as "George Bush's third term," notwithstanding the Democrat's newest attempt to now try to hijack the conservative platform of God, country, family, and social values.

But, in his attempt to hijack the Judeo-Christian faith, whenever Obama tries to say the name, Jesus, somehow his tongue sticks to the roof of his mouth and his hesitancy to speak it is very noticeable, because it does not ring true for him. And, now it is the Democrats who are shamelessly trying to make a "right" turn in order to snatch any votes from McCain, the conservative candidate. However, the reverse tactic would never be contemplated by a true conservative candidate in their bid for the Presidency. They understand it would never be tolerated by conservatives whose desire is that we continue to retain our standing as "one nation under God, indivisible."

The primary Presidential campaigns are over now and two presumptive nominees remain. However, the focus also remains primarily on Obama as people across this nation still question how he could have come from out of nowhere and have advanced to the front door of the White House Oval Office with little-to-no managerial and political experience and a lack of substance which keeps him from revealing what it is that makes him trustworthy and capable of passing a security clearance to sit in high-level Congressional meetings much less to be privy to top secret files available only to the President. And, he has yet to convince the American people that he is ready to become the Commander-in-Chief of the military.

Americans have always held as priceless their right to vote their conscious and to have their votes counted towards a fair and just democratic election. And, in order to maintain that goal, it is imperative that our elections remain free of taint and even the appearance of impropriety. This, regrettably, has not always been the case.

Even now there are reports about the names of dead people, being used by others to illegally cast votes in a Connecticut election, which an official there called "a mistake in recordkeeping," but only after it had been made public. And, while that response is unacceptable, it seems to be the ongoing mindset of election officials who have the utmost responsibility of timely monitoring and purging voter rolls in communities across this nation.

The Wall Street Journal Online published an article entitled, "The Obama We Don't Know" (June 4, 2008, Review & Outlook). And that article further posited about Obama that, "Democrats are taking a leap of faith that is daring even by their risky standards." The article relates, also, how "Young people are being taken by it" (i.e., Obama's tremendous campaign turnout capability). It is not surprising when we understand it is being performed through the skill of a well-trained professional community organizer with a gift of gab.

Who is Obama and what is his plan to change America?

What is it that continues to draw so many people to Obama and his bid to become the nation's first black President even though they know hardly anything of substance about him or his platform? What is his appeal to those Americans who have proclaimed him to be a self-made man?

Does anybody recall the 2008 Oregon primary when the mainstream news media led with a breaking story and a helicopter view of thousands of people who had gathered in a park on a Sunday afternoon to reportedly hear from Obama? That report turned out to have been false. The vast majority of those people who were in that park did not even know that Obama was going to be on the program. And, as it later turned out, the people had actually gathered on that occasion to hear a rock band. The media also neglected to disclose that was the case.

But that report bolstered support for Obama in the eyes of the nation and wherever else that story surfaced during the primary campaign at a time when Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) was leading in the popular vote, delegates, and superdelegates. Then, we watched in near amazement as they began to peel away from her a little at the time at the public instigation and intimidation of the Obama campaign. And, once more, Americans watched, helpless to do anything, as the electoral process began to take on a hybrid form. Never, to my knowledge, do I recall witnessing such a blatant abuse of the process by a candidate who personally allowed his surrogates to taunt and force the ouster of another candidate in the middle of a campaign, especially one in the same party. And the election officials allowed it to happen regardless of the public outcries against it.

There is so much information known about Obama which has already been reported on the internet in numerous periodicals and blogs. Much of his genealogical background, including education, religion, career, wife and children, parents, stepsister, maternal grandparents, travels, friends, and Kenyan relatives is known. However, Obama and his staff have continued to disavow many of those investigative reports. Recently, they established a website to "fight the smears," against him and his wife along with their ongoing attempts to further discredit anybody who has worked hard to research and publish the results of their documented investigative reports.

The modus operandi of the Obama campaign is to denigrate and censor any report and the reporter such that citizens don't know who or what to believe about him. As a result, instead of him bringing people together as Obama says he wants to do, he has been instrumental in further fracturing the political process by instigating fruitless debates and arguments among people who are trying to determine just who he is and what he stands for, because he has continued, also, to publicly retract documented statements he, himself, has made. And, therefore, unanswered questions remain which only he can answer, as we move toward the November 2008 General Election.

Nevertheless, both the conservative and liberal mainstream media, in general, are failing to uncover and report the whole story about this man's background who wants to become President of the United States and leader of the free world. And, if it were not for internet bloggers who have continued to uncover and report any little known information about him, then many more of Obama's friends would be riding on the bus to the White House with him instead of being thrown under the bus by him on the way once their nefarious role in Obama's life has been uncovered.

Obama has had more than a little help along his journey to the White House. By his own autobiographical account in "Dreams From My Father," it began when he was a six-year-old child living in Indonesia having moved there from Hawaii with his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham-Obama-Soetoro and his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro. That seed to become a President was planted in him when he was a child. However, only Obama and possibly his maternal grandmother are still alive who can clarify for us who might have planted that seed in him and whether that goal to become President was intended to be applied to Indonesia on behalf of his Muslim stepfather, or Kenya on behalf of his Muslim father, or America on behalf of his atheist mother. Nevertheless, that idea grew with him as he subsequently made his way to the Mainland from Hawaii, where he was born, lived, and was educated as a young man.

Dreams are admirable in children. They help to focus them on their way to adulthood and, often, beyond. However, we are now faced with a grownup dreamer in Obama whose best hope and last chance may soon be realized, all because too many American voters have not stopped to gather enough information about him to have an informed opinion about whether or not they really want to accept this candidate as our President. And, although his lack of qualifications is not about a matter of race, many American blacks and Kenyans from his homeland who live throughout this country have announced they are prepared to march and riot in our streets, unless he is elected as the first American black President. The fact is this is not the American way; and, as a people, we are not prone to capitulate to any such blackmail or tolerate anyone who threatens such retaliation. American standards are far better than that and there are many Americans who will work to ensure that it remains the case. Americans have always demonstrated their best suit when it comes to protecting this Republic.

When some Americans and even Obama's African friends and relations speak about him, it is in glowing terms and with awe that such a man could have ever accomplished all of this without appearing to have lifted a finger. What's more, he makes it appear that all he has to do is expound the words, "Change and Hope" and the crowd is hooked. Chalk one up for this black candidate who insists that he does not want to make race an issue in his campaign. But, at the same time, the majority of black voters have been influenced by him to overwhelmingly come down on his side of the ballot box for no other reason but that he is black. And it is because they see him as their ticket to put forth the black agenda, including legislated reparations and atonement for slavery. Yet, Obama's stance is that he can see nothing strange about that dynamic, either.

Obama has shown himself to be skilled as a speaker and in organizing, fundraising, and marching towards trying to become the leader of the free world. Besides being an attorney, he is also a competent, professional community organizer. But, perhaps Americans, including the media, have been remiss by glossing over that particular part of his resume. Moreover, once Obama had cinched the Democrat Presidential nominee slot, he was quick to declare that "My party will no longer accept anything from any Washington (D.C.) lobbyists."

But, what he failed to disclose is that, with his proposed Change, neither he nor his party would have to ever rely on lobbyists again to get their issues pushed through Congress, because they would be able to bypass the legislative process altogether. And, they would thereby, hijack this nation and make obsolete our elected and appointed officials. What Obama proposes to do amounts to political suicide for this nation. And, it is deadlier than any use of lobbyists, because at least they have to be registered before they can approach legislators with their agendas. But, as he has so often mentioned during his campaigning, in an Obama administration, his leadership would be, by his own standards, from the bottom up instead of from the top down. That means he would be President but it is the people who would run this nation by consensus under his personal direction. It portends a form of government unlike any this nation has ever imagined or experienced.

Community organizers, of which he is one of the best, have long played a pivotal behind-the-scenes adversarial role in the outcome of our supposedly free and open elections. This 2008 election process is no exception. Except now, we are able to become privy to the tactics organizers use in order to take the ballots out of the hands of unsuspecting Americans and to finally begin to vitiate the legitimate voting process of "one person one vote." And none would be the wiser, except the perpetrators. That is not acceptable and it cannot stand to be the case, as we move toward November 2008, and the General Election. Therefore, with one voice, we must insist on an open, honest, political voting process and then hold accountable every person - citizens, noncitizens, and officials - who seek to subvert this process by misusing and abusing the ballot box during an election.

The Obama plan in effect right now is for the Democrats to work through many partnerships with various secular and religious organizations, foreign and domestic corporations, union leaders, and bankers to form both American and foreign entities into grassroots neighborhood and community coalitions. These coalitions would be separated based on race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, various professions, and industries and issues of all kinds. And, any governmental decisions thereafter will be made by consensus and not by elected leadership. It also appears that even Congress will become obsolete at some point and will no longer be needed under a projected Obama administration. And, if we dare to posit his plan further, as Obama and his campaign must have already done, then this might possibly become the last official Presidential administration known to America, as being clearly defined over several centuries by the United States Constitution.

There is no mystery that Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, are both lawyers who are skilled in the art of organizing communities to influence and effect political change in policies. And, as professional community organizers, they know that the groundwork was laid years ago with step-by-step instructions. And they have faithfully adhered to those guidelines to pull together the resources they need, which include the use of thousands of volunteers and the collection of billions of dollars not just from America but also from the Middle East, the Near East, the Far East, and Africa through bundling of funds to hide donor names, ages, affiliations, and places of domicile. And we need to demand that every campaign budget which reports monies reported only in large lump sums are to be itemized line by line in order to be able to obtain a fair monetary accounting, unless we want to be responsible, also, for having our election process hijacked and sold to the highest bidder.

While Americans continue to fight among themselves about who Obama is, he fails to outline his plans for changing this nation and gets closer to becoming a President despite all that is known about him, which does not exemplify one who is at all prepared to occupy such an honored position.

Michelle Obama is, indeed, a good helpmate to her husband. She knows, as an Adjunct Faculty Member of the ABCD Institute (Chicago, Illinois), all of the intricacies of their workbook lessons entitled, "Discovering Community Power: A Guide to Mobilizing Local Assets and Your Organization's Capacity - 2005." By its usage, even a novice could pull together an overwhelming campaign organization such as Obama's, if it didn't matter to them that many of their volunteers were being transported en masse into a specific location for visual effect and that the money was coming from many sources that remain tangled up in so many bank accounts that regulators would not even try to sort it all out regardless of where that investigation would lead. A perusal of the Federal Election Commission website ( shows an overview of what funding is received by all candidates and their source. And further information can also be obtained from the website, for anybody who wishes to become further informed about the budgetary results of campaigns.

The Wall Street Journal Online article states, "Mr. Obama has also shown great skill in running his campaign. . . . Even now, he is far better organized in swing states than is John McCain's campaign. All of this speaks well of his preparation for November, and perhaps for his potential to govern."

The Center for Community Change (CCC), however, is mirrored by the Obama campaign. It has already outlined many plans to involve young people in the election process. As well, their "Community Voting Project" is also their key to hijacking the American voting process, because it puts into place a ready-built parade of thousands of people to be on hand for an Obama event through their phone calls to colleges, churches, unions, local and state communities, and secular businesses, to be on hand just for political effect.

Moreover, the Obama operations also mirror the "Making Connections Project" itself, which is comprised of a multisite community change effort. And their stated overall purpose is that "The members provide the leadership, direction and 'troops' for the organization's activities. The groups work on issues chosen by the members themselves." And that organization further states it is comprised of "A gathering of, among other things, grassroots organizers and social justice advocates to share and debate long-term, visionary ideas for the future." In other words, the electorate would no longer matter.

More importantly, the Obama campaign closely mirrors that of "The Movement Vision Lab (MVL)." Their publicly stated goals are "for an active and inclusive society, community-based economy, and global justice." But, are Americans ready and willing to share the title of leader of the free world with third world countries such as Africa, Indonesia, and India, because of a secreted gathering of unelected men and women from across the world who would come together to put forth a plan that would, in effect, eventually bypass the American electoral process on behalf of the nation? It could also either become a little United Nations or else take over the role of the United Nations under an Obama administration. Mr. Obama has already demonstrated his astute ability to influence and persuade people to his point of view, even when he has failed to put forth a coherent one.

That scenario is not far fetched and it appears to be the change in direction that Obama has in mind for Americans who simply can no longer afford to stand on the sidelines and watch it happen without stopping to consider exactly what their individual vote will mean for the overall future of this nation, our children, and the world.

Never before at any other time in our history has this election presented such an overwhelming wealth of information about a candidate to show why we must not allow our emotions to overrule such a sobering political process based on race alone.

Black separatist factions such as the National Black United Federation, founded by Dr. Conrad Worrill, a longtime friend of Obama; the Black Muslims Nation of Islam, founded by the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and carried on by Min. Louis Farrakhan, also a longtime friend of Obama; the New Black Panthers who continue to support Obama despite his rejection of their endorsement; the United Muslim Movement and Muslim Alliance of North America, founded by songwriter Kenny Gamble; CAIR and radical Islamic factions; Hamas; Kenya, Africa; and many of the black church leaders and organizations support Obama's candidacy to become President. However, during the primary campaign, Obama was forced to denounce their endorsements of his candidacy because of their known radical agendas directed against the United States.

Each of those black leaders has expressed as a part of their stated goal their intent to bring about a black-brown state and to eliminate white people from the affairs of black people. Meanwhile, Obama's candidacy moves all of those organizations closer to making America change into the black nation which can easily be won over by Islam and Sharia Law. And that is the ultimate goal which is finally facing this nation while billions of Muslims here, abroad, and in third world nations, wait nearby with baited breath for the outcome of this 2008 election. And, while the choice still remains with Americans who love God and this country, it behooves each of us to make it a prayerful and wise choice. And evidence, as it currently stands, supports the idea that Obama is not the man for either the time or season.

Americans continue to be given a front row seat to the many dangers involved with the kind of changes that the Obama campaign plans to implement. Nevertheless, the disputes continue about his candidacy. So, the all-important question now becomes, will we allow ourselves to continue to be hijacked or will we fight back and make sure that every vote counts for the furtherance of democracy!

June 19, 2008

[NOTE by Leslie White: . . . and what will happen if and when foreign ideologies attempt to or do take over America?


end of NOTE]

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  2. What is the deception in this Social Security application? That the woman's name was "Stanley" is the only odd thing.

    The mother of this Barack Hussein Obama was an atheist and a typical hippy of the 1960s, Marxist and beset by "white guilt." Her revolt against the "Establishment" was to conceive a child with the blackest black man she could find--and not an American at that, but an African and a Moslem.

    The following references will be of interest as regards the genealogy of the megalomaniac who wants to seize power in the United States via the next presidential election.

    Read them and decide whether this scion of an African tribesman and a Marxist-socialist atheist, who carefully prepared himself via his fake Christianity (black Christ)and the appropriate Chicago political connections (unsavory to say the least)is fit to lead--or better, to seize power.

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    Stanley Ann Dunham's revenge is still playing out on America. Barack is suffering from a number of psychopathies and as his current transformation shows he is leaving being a black liberal to be a white socialist all for the cure he will deny himself for, but reveals he is not ready to be leader of anything.
    Stanley Ann Dunham's revenge as this plays out is not going to be revenge on white America, Christian America or Patriotic America. She created a boy who when he fails will so destroy the profile of minorities that America will not advance them again for a generation.