Saturday, August 23, 2008

Classification of Moslems

for taxonomic purposes

JM at Jihad Watch classifies Moslems into these four groups:


There are four classifications in this active and hot war:

1. Free thinking defenders of Democracy

2. Moderate muslims who believe in Democracy but do nothing to defend it

3. Muslims who believe in the actions of the jihadist

4. Jihadists

The most dangerous groups are 2 and 3. Group 3 enables, funds and encourages while not taking direct actions, and group 2 creates the environment whereby more jihadists are allowed to be bred and fomented, hiding under the umbrella of silence.

Free thinking Muslims....speak now...shine the light in the dark corners, speak out and LOUD against the terrorist and their supporters. Defend your religion, the religion that you want it to be.
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JM's Post: classification of Moslems

There are--there must be--one hopes--many--a sizable number at least--of Moslems that belong to, or at least are yearning to belong to, Group 1. To have the guts shown by the ones who have stepped out of Islam and declared for freedom of thought is a rarity.

We cannot expect all of the Group 1 people to go public. The Group 2 Moslems might betray them, and the Group 3 Moslems will betray them, to the Group 4 jihadist Moslems who will kill them (the Group 1 free-thinkers).

Recognizing which ones belong to what group is the first step. Next, Group 4 (jihadists) must be culled and neutralized. This can be accomplished by removing them (whatever way is most feasible). Group 3 Moslems are undesirable aliens (whether they have had "citizenship" conferred them or not). They must be deported.

Group 2 Moslems would then be able to breathe easier, but not show their colors, because in a free society such as ours, they could be "gotten to." Could we live with that? Probably. Mosques must be monitored, Islamic "charities" closed down, and Saudi fomenting of jihad stopped.

Group 2 Moslems must always be considered suspect. Any slip into Group 3 will earn them Group 3 status (deportation).

Group 1 might be able to muster sufficient courage to slip away from the Islamic straight-jacket.

Not a perfect solution, but who can hope for anything approaching perfection in this life-and-death war for our minds, soul, and bodies.

NOTE: By the way, if you read the entire thread at, you will find many suggestions as to how to solve the problem of domestic Moslems endangering our country, lw.

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