Wednesday, August 20, 2008

OBAMA - What The F---k are we thinking?

On the 2nd $100 bill:
Convicted fraudster, Syrian-born, Tony Rezko, funded Obama's meteoric rise. Rezko [is] facing . . . more criminal charges.

From OBAMA What The F --k

What The F--k are we even thinking?

Why is that?

Why is no one looking at the many faces of Barack (aka "Barry") Hussein Obama?

He doesn't like to use his given Middle name: Hussein. Why did he discard the name that ties him to America's current deadly enemy: Islam?

Who is this new Star in the firmament of American politics?

He doesn't want us to know!

Why not? (Doesn't he want us to knowwhat his real agenda entails for us?)

He shows us many faces--now cleverly groomed and made up so as to be acceptable to white as well as black.

Investor's Business Daily (IBD) got his number:

"Obama is an arrogant pretender to a throne he has not earned. He wanted to stand at the Brandenburg Gate like Reagan, grasping desperately for a chance to look presidential. But he hasn't demonstrated Reagan's resolve against America's enemies. Instead, this power-hungry newbie has stood in about seven different places in the last four years on the primary controversy of our time."

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