Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jihad Inside the United states

from "Six Philly residents arrested in Yemen" at Jihad Watch

The Americans who have been arrested in Yemen attend the same Germantown Masjid which was at the center of the controversy surrounding the killing of Police Officer Stephen Liczbinski. Incidentally, Mustafa Ali -- the ATM killer who executed two retired police officers, as well as the Wal-Mart robbers, also attended this Germantown mosque. They are all Salafis -- "pure" Muslims.

It is known that the Germantown mosque has sponsored "students" going to Yemen to study with the jihadist Sheikh Muqbil -- and after he passed away, another jihadist, Yahya Hajoori. There are a number of jihadist Americans in Yemen as we speak.

Omar Sharif Cash, wanted for murder and rape, is another Muslim convert from the Philadelphia area. With Islamic proselytizing going on so energetically in prisons, this is going to an inevitable result.

"After 1 month, Philly native remains detained in Yemen," by Kitty Caparella for the Philadelphia Daily News [says]:

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(Note: Look the "COMMENTS" after this post at Jihad Watch, they give more information--from different aspects.)

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