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Hope and change worth having without an Obama racial test
by Marie Jon'
July 10, 2008

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It is not anyone's imagination that voices of dissent have been heard throughout our land ever since Obama became a lightning rod for Rev. Jeremiah Wright's bigoted inflammatory words: "God Damn America.

"Something very evil has been purposefully created. Many Americans know and feel this. Some can't quite put their finger on it, but they can sense trouble. If we are not wise and prudent, our country will move into a very dangerous area. This is not the time for problems caused by manipulative racial divisiveness.

It has been noted that, in his world, it is perfectly acceptable for Barack Obama to play the race card. He will undoubtedly continue to do so if and when he sits in the Oval Office. Obama is not a uniter; he only sounds like one. What legislator will dare question President Obama with the spectre of being branded a racist looming before them?

It was no coincidence that the woman who sang at the Denver State of The City Address was inspired to change the words of our National Anthem. She did so because Obama is the presumptive presidential candidate for the Democrat Party. The lyrics to "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing" were intermingled with the melody of The Star Spangled Banner. The Black National Anthem was used to create hostility and division where none should exist. When interviewed, Rena Marie said she would do it over again. She recanted her apologies later on and appeared to be not only disrespectful, but antagonistic. . . .

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COMMENT by Leslie White
If anyone has been a racial divider it is Barack Hussein Obama. The issue of an East African (Kenyan) almost-completely-absent father--whose race and nationality paved his way to Harvard, and a hippy mother trying to assuage for the past "White Man's Burden" by marrying an African and an Indonesian.

The issue of this "white" (Caucasian) American woman and the Kenyan was Barack Hussein Obama. As he has not been shy to point out, he chose to be a black man (a victim) in white America. This earned him Affirmative Action help and greased his path into Columbia University and Harvard Law. (For proof, see )

Once Obama (Barack Hussein) had bedazzled white youth of America with his rhetoric (he had been recognized as the black hope by African-Americans--the people who did help build this nation, fought for it and are much more deserving than this racially confused American-African) he was on his way to the presidency, backed by such Socialist-Marxists as George Soros and

After he had opted to be a black man, he threw himself whole-heartedly into Afrocentricity and the Black Liberation Theology church-movement. When he saw his chances for the Democratic nomination receding with the disclosure of Jeremiah Wright's hatred of America, Obama publicly cut his 20-year-long relationship with the Preacher of hate.

At every chance, he plays the so-called "race card," knowing full well that it will find a sympathetic response from the guilt-ridden Liberal youth who are ashamed of the heritage of slavery that haunts them.

But Obama is not the descendant of a slave. His father was a Moslem African and there is no slave-blood on his Kansan mother's side.

Watch how the racial divide in American society will widen as the Obama Socialist-Marxist experiment is foisted on Americans.

If you have not, I have already noticed the animosity of some African Americans to other Americans, now that they believe they have the White House in a "black man's"grasp. Uncalled-for rudeness occurs more and more often.

An Obama presidency will not bring racial healing, but rather racial strife.

Oh, and by the way, the Moslem jihadists know this and you can bet your Cowboy boots that they will use it to bring our country down--if we let them.

What will happen when they try to do that?


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