Saturday, August 16, 2008

Can we co-exist with Islam?

from Political Islam


Islam is a civilization that is entirely based upon duality and submission. Our civilization is based upon equality and freedom. These two civilizations cannot co-exist. Islam is ahead of us here, because the incompatibility of the two is clearly stated and gives the world the solution for this incompatibility. We must submit to Islam and exchange freedom and equality for Islamic slavery.

This is not really an inherent problem, since we have faced other doctrines that said we must submit. Communism and Nazism come to mind. In the past our intellectuals have attacked our enemies of our civilization and defended our civilization. But our intellectual system has degenerated and is no longer capable of defending us or attacking our enemy.

Our intellectuals have decided that we don’t even have a civilization, it is just one big multicultural world where all of the cultures are equal. So there is nothing to defend.

This an excerpt from a Frontpage interview of Bill Warner by Jamie Glazov. Read the whole thing at

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