Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mr. Obama, Don’t Try to Deceive Us with Your “Christian” Message

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Rev. Lainie Dowell was a civil rights advocate and community activist for over 40 years, the former secretary of NAACP in Howard County, MD, and a singer with the Suburban Mass Choir. The recipient of numerous awards, she has been the Ministerial Advocate for Christian Clergywomen over 20 years. She and her husband are the parents of four grown children and numerous grandchildren and godchildren

In a plea for the evangelical vote on May 20 [2008], Sen. Barack Obama sent out campaign flyers that show him standing before a pulpit with the backdrop of a gigantic cross and church organ. And radio stations in Kentucky were blaring what “a strong Christian” he is.

As Bobby Eberle of GOPUSA writes:

“Obama is blatantly campaigning not on issues, but rather on religion, and he is getting a pass from the media. Huckabee was criticized for a Christmas ad and Obama's blatant pandering to Evangelicals is not being covered.”

Of course, Eberle refers to an ad that then-presidential-GOP-candidate Mike Huckabee ran during the Christmas holiday in 2007, when the leftwing media repeatedly accused him of “mixing religion and politics.”

Media hypocrisy is nothing new. Nor for that matter is the hypocrisy of far-too-many politicians, of which Obama would have to top the list!

In the early 1980s Obama turned up in Chicago and headed in the direction not of Jesus but of Jeremiah – that is, Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., pastor, Trinity United Church of Christ. Obama learned the language of testifying in the Christian church and he learned to juxtapose the Holy Bible next to the Islamic Qur'an that he studied from childhood. He also met Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, where he saw and heard firsthand the NoI’s “style” of leadership.

It must have become clear to Obama that in order to gain acceptance in the wider society and therefore fulfill his ambition of becoming President of the United States, he would have to learn to espouse all the “Christian-sounding” terms he heard in Wright’s church.

Obama sat in that church for 20 years, along the way being elected to the Chicago state legislature. He was careful not to reveal the blasphemous anti-American, anti-Semitic sermons he heard, and probably would have sat there with his wife and children for another 20 years without objecting if the few objective people in our media hadn’t exposed Wright’s rants.

Even when he was exposed, Obama defended Rev. Wright, until pure political pressure and Wright’s personal ego-bruising barb at Obama (“he’s just being a politician”) caused the candidate to distance himself from the provocative preacher.

Now that the presidential campaign is further along and Obama is the putative nominee, he and his team have decided to bring out their bag of faith symbols.

A word here, a picture there, and now the whole Cross shall appear – and so it does! But let us not be deceived. And let Obama not be believed.

He knows that Christian values include being gentle and humble. However, what he clearly doesn’t know is that Christians are not doormats. We have the love of Jesus in our sanctified souls, but we also have the capacity – indeed, the duty – to be outraged in the face of evil. And we refuse to allow Obama to hide behind the cross of Jesus while we stand by and watch.

If Obama really understood that being Christian also means accepting the Gospel of Jesus, then he would be afraid to confess that he supports same-sex "marriage," and abortion-on-demand.

Whenever religious and political leaders are afraid to call what is wrong wrong, they cannot be expected to do what is right by America and her people. The same applies when they give permission for wrong-headed people to continue to kill babies with impunity and without remorse and call it "pro-choice," when they make excuses for people who lack of self-control over their bodies, which is demonstrated by so many men and women who abuse themselves and others, and when they adopt the language of "diversity" and adapt it to lawlessness.

Anyone who equates the Judeo-Christian faith as being the same as Islam – radical or otherwise – ought to ask themselves this: Why have we seen such a spate of atrocious murders and other mind-numbing crimes against society in this nation? It is because our leadership has rejected the laws of God and opted instead for personal gain and political expediency.

Shall we say it? We shall! Senator Obama, if you want to stand before the Cross of Jesus, then turn around and bow down! Beware lest you feel the wrath of God. He is real. He is alive. He does not lie and He is not mocked. Cut out your pretense. We are able to discern and we are not deceived.

May 23, 2008


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