Monday, August 11, 2008

We are Reaping the Harvest of Affirmative Action

Conservative Beach Girl: Affirmative Action: End 44 years of discrimination!
Affirmative Action: End 44 years of discrimination!

It is time to end the 44 years of reverse discrimination we have experienced in our nation since 1964. The Civil Rights Act which was designed to provide "equal access" and "equal opportunity" was sold on the promise that it would not be a "quota system" but anyone who knows anything about federal bureaucrats knows they can't determine if anything is working or not unless they have numbers to crunch.Sadly, number-crunching does not determine whether a system is working or not. And the "quota system" that developed around the Civil Rights Act has done serious harm to all people of our society: the ones whom it was designed to help and the ones against whom the laws discriminate.Arguably, "affirmative action" is institutionalized racism - a thing we tried, obviously unsuccessfully, to remove as now affirmative action generally means "hire anyone but someone who is white".

Multiculturalism - perhaps an outgrowth of the Civil Rights Act - may be an American invention but it has its roots in two pieces of legislation passed in 1964 and 1965. The first was the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That bill was euphemistically designed to give "equal opportunity" to American blacks. But - nobody could really let that happen - so hard on its heels was the relaxation of our immigration laws in 1965 (I think Ted Kennedy was involved here somehow) through the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965. This relaxation of the immigration laws was designed to increase the numbers of non-white immigrants and thus dilute the opportunity and promise of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for American blacks.

Dr. Hugh Davis Graham, deceased, spent his entire academic life studying the effects of "affirmative action" and immigration policy. His book, Collision Course, The Strange Convergence of Affirmative Action and Immigration Policy in America, was published at last six months after his death. I recommend his work for further reading.Moving to the present day: Mr. Obama wants Affirmative Action to continue; Mr. McCain has serious questions with the implementation.

Personally, a program that has endured for 44 years should have run its course and we should be able to put the numbers-crunchers out to pasture. Also, at the risk of being called a "racist" once again, we are fast becoming much more a nation of mixed-ethnicities as well as mixed-races and so which "ethnicity" does the person choose when he checks the form: the one that will provide him the most benefit. I can't even check "white" anymore. All that's left for me is "non-Hispanic white" which is fine with me because that acknowledges that Hispanics have "European" roots just like me...which makes them "white". Check out the CIA World Factbook.

Mr. Obama is half-and-half or what would be affectionately called a man of "mixed race" as are his daughters, yet he persists that he will be the first "black" president, should he be elected which is becoming a lilttle more doubtful every day. Well, my goodness. He'll also be the first Muslim-born president as well, and the first to have received elite training at the best educational schools Hawaii had to offer thanks to his grandparents.

We are a nation, "one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all".

Not so fast...As long as we have "affirmative action" we are not a nation "with liberty and justice for all". I don't hear white men crying in their beer over this but as a white woman, I can scream about it because I've seen the point system; I know how it works. I know that it is demeaning.

Regardless of your qualifications or your expertise, if you are a woman, a non-white man or woman, (I'm not sure about "affirmative action" for homosexuals or how that works), the company you work for gets points for you to meet "affirmative action" quotas. I kid you not. I didn't believe it until I became a supervisor and actually saw it. Yep, the company got points or percentages of points for white women employees, black women employees, black male employees, etc. Disgusting. I showed my employees how much value the government put on each of us - charming...The points had no relationship to the skills or abilities of the employee; the only thing that counted was the gender and skin color.

Mr. Obama wants to keep that discrimination going. Shame on him.

I think it is time to end the Racist Affirmative Action imbedded in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and do as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. recommended: teach our citizens to be the best Americans they can be to be productive in our nation, to be proud of our nation and of our combined heritage, and to value each other as Americans.And stop beating up on white men. Good lord - there just aren't that many of them, for goodness sake. But - I can't help myself - when Mr. Obama points out that he is a black man, I have to wonder what he really thinks of us, his fellow Americans.

If Hillary Clinton had said, "I'm a white woman and I'm running for president," would you or would you not have thought that she thought you were a flaming idiot?

Have a great day and have fun with this election! Yes, it is serious but we can have fun too. The disdain of politicians towaard their fellow citizens can be a wonderous thing to behold.

[That was Beach Girl. The only thing that I have to add is that both Mr. Obama and his wife are the product of Affirmative Action. Did they arrive at their station in life through sincere effort? Or were the skids greased for them via AA? lw]

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