Monday, August 4, 2008

Wake Up the White Folk

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Rev. Lainie Dowell was a civil rights advocate and community activist for over 40 years, the former secretary of NAACP in Howard County, MD, and a singer with the Suburban Mass Choir. The recipient of numerous awards, she has been the Ministerial Advocate for Christian Clergywomen over 20 years. She and her husband are the parents of four grown children and numerous grandchildren and godchildren.

Wake up the white folk. The black folk are on the move! The train is coming through to free everybody. Get onboard!

And, while so many folk are down for the celebration of the possibility of new hope and change that is invested in Barack Obama's candidacy, he is openly celebrating America's downfall, and not his own. His personal and academic backgrounds allude to the fact that he may not even be a friend to this nation and its Godly societal ideals.

Ever since it became legal for blacks to vote, the party of Lincoln has not advocated specifically for only whites to participate in the voting process, as they have been erroneously accused of doing. And, if the Republican Party had tried that in this time, then we know how hard Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, and everybody who comes in the name of black leadership would have called for all of them to resign, if that were possible. And, after having succeeded, they would have further called for the Republicans to apologize on their way out. And, then, as they were leaving Washington, D.C., as only the Republicans would have done, then all of those same black leaders would have led the charge to accuse them of being racists, bigots, anti-immigrant, homophobes, haters, liars, anti-American, and traitors worthy of impeachment and hanging.

Nevertheless, the onus remains with the now Democratic presumptive nominee, Barack Obama, to prove that he is trustworthy and competent to assume, in 2009, over the Republican presumptive nominee, John McCain, the leadership which is inherent in the office of the President of the United States.

Now that I have your attention, let me impress upon you that this is exactly how bold every citizen must respond who loves God and America. We may call this present wartime dilemma a culture war instead of a religious war, but it still remains the war of all wars in our time for it goes to the heart, mind, body, soul and spirit of America both at home and abroad. Moreover, how it is to be fought and won depends upon whether or not Americans will recognize the urgency of engaging this battle and their understanding about how much the outcome depends on how they respond to it, both personally and collectively.

People of every race and hue are finding out daily that Obama is not the promised Messiah his campaign and mesmerized followers have tried to make him out to be. They may point to his charismatic speechifying, magnetic draw of the masses, made-over wife, and overflowing coffers, but, along the way, he is leaving a wide trail of indecision behind him among so many citizens who seek to know what is up ahead for them, as they move closer to the November 2008 general election.

We must keep in mind the seriousness of this political process and how, lest we forget, it must not be viewed as merely some hypothetical game or a test of wills of opponents and their surrogates, as some may suppose. This all-important right is a matter of life and death for too many people; and, therefore, it is imperative that it continues to be guarded against becoming flawed in any way by anyone. It demands from Americans that they choose the very best defender of our constitutional rights and that it is, of necessity, incumbent upon them to find that person to be trustworthy, willing, and competent to keep this sovereign nation strong, free, and proud.

Nobody, whether they serve on the local, state, or national level, who has ever demonstrated the proclivities toward any myopic, closed-minded, skewered view of America, has any business sitting in any seat of authority anywhere in this nation. For, how could they ever instill patriotism, pride, and love of God and freedom in citizens for a nation they, themselves, abhor? It is impossible for them to do so. Therefore, they must not be elected. And, furthermore, if they are already in office, they must be decisively voted out.

For, when we speak up and demand excellence in our leadership, then we shall have it. And this generation and future generations would expect it beyond race, color, or gender. And our nation's creed would remain unconfused and be without question or apology, Judeo-Christian, for our faith informs us and our security in whom we believe enables us to walk beside other faiths without wearing on our persons, bombs.

In 2004, Barack Obama stood before the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and announced to all the world, both inside and outside of that hall, what he proclaimed with great enthusiasm, as follows, "There is no black America. There is no white America. There is no Asian America. There is only the United States of America!"

And the people who heard that proclamation swelled up with pride and showed their agreement by their own enthusiastic applause.

But, that was then and this is now.

That was before 2007, when Obama announced his candidacy to become the first black President of this nation and before he had come so close to becoming the 2008 Democratic presumptive nominee. Underlying all of what has been touted to be his grand, intellectual face to the world, is a definite purpose around his candidacy so sinister that only a sudden jolt will shake loose all his misguided followers from their stupor.

If the American people believe Obama is a man of his word, then what is it about him that makes him advocate for the destruction of American values, traditions, and societal mores while professing to be Christian? And, why have Americans not boldly called for him to give an account for his duplicitous nature in his obvious attempt to negate his Muslim roots and split this nation along racial, religious, and color lines, and for him to work towards severing all connections to the United States Constitution as a free Republic despite his protestation and documentation to the contrary?

Could it be that the American people do not know? Could it mean that Americans are no longer willing to learn all they can about his liberal, left-leaning ideologies which would deliver us into the hands of terrorist nations and, thereby, possibly lead to the destruction of America's greatness? But, only if we stand aside and let it happen.

However it may be perceived will depend upon whose point of view is openly and honestly broadcast throughout this nation and the world. For, there decidedly appears to be a brain drain and common sense is clearly no longer thought to be an integral part of the rubric for American life. But for those who express that view, let me quickly add that not everybody is asleep at the switch.

How could a man whose documented autobiographical past survives to remind us that, notwithstanding his youthful dalliances, he continues to this day to be intricately intertwined in the same machinations of the civil rights era which advocated black power, black nationalism, and black Muslim states within the United States and white people would have no say whatsoever over anything pertaining to blacks.

The philosophical rule of this nation would fast become steeped in Marxist, Socialist, Communist, Muslim, and Islamic ideologies. And as such, there would only be mandated either weakened churches or no God whatsoever.

Take a look around and note how many Muslim and Islamic organizations are being put in place right now as if they are in a holding pattern waiting for January 2009, and the day they believe Obama will be administered the oath of office. And they can count on him to change this government as they wait to hear him say one more time, "Yes we can!"

Obama's past and present friendships have run contrary to the fruitful efforts achieved by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Fannie Lou Hamer, former Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, and many more who joined them to bring about reconciliation and healing of the racial divide in this nation. Yet, Obama's record stands for the entire world to see the dangers we would face by entertaining even the thought of electing him as the first black male President.

Obama wants Americans to believe he has enough foreign experience based on the fact that he was born in Hawaii, the son of a Muslim Kenya, African, father and white mother from Kansas; subsequently lived with his mother and Indonesian Muslim stepfather in that country and was educated within the Muslim faith when he was six to ten, at which time his mother sent him back to Hawaii to live with her parents. Travel as a child does not count towards having Foreign Service experience in America for purposes of high-level, international discourse with a variety of leaders.

But, where he has a memory lapse, also, is about what was he doing for three weeks in 1981, when he visited Pakistan? His mother lived there for a time during his childhood. And, if he was visiting her, why wouldn't he say so? Has he also forgotten that, in 1981, he lived, however briefly, with a Pakistani roommate when he attended Columbia, University, in New York? And does Obama remember why he visited the Middle East? Somehow, he came up with a sudden memory lapse and cannot provide answers to those questions.

However, as recently as the 2007 Election in Kenya, Africa, between their current President Kbaki and Obama's cousin, Odinga, Obama personally interfered as a United States Senator to impact that foreign political matter by speaking on Odinga's behalf and by contributing a large monetary sum towards Odinga's candidacy. Obama had been joined in Kenya by Dick Morris and his wife, who had said they were there as pro bono consultants to ensure Odinga's success as a candidate. They failed in the attempt and violence broke out in that nation, because Kbaki retained his Presidency. Morris was run out of the country, but not before he had also contributed a large sum of money towards Odinga's candidacy. When has any ethical person ever helped a client pro bono and then turned around and given money to them?

Despite Morris' widely disseminated videotaped appearance at a Kenyan press conference where he stated his purpose of being in the country was to help Odinga, and further, despite the public circulation of a photograph showing Obama and Odinga together at that time, nevertheless, Obama's presidential campaign has labeled as attacks and smears anybody who has produced evidence to substantiate their allegations about the relationship and funds they left in Africa to support Odinga.

Who is to be believed? Can we not trust our own eyes? More importantly, can we not trust Obama to give us a straight account about why he continues to solicit foreign funds for his political campaign in America?

Obama has defined himself by the company he keeps. And, this brings us to some of the foremost noted figures in Obama's past, present, and future who have remained on track with meeting their objectives to accomplish their goal of putting a black man in the White House who would foster their long-time black agenda, including legislating reparations, acceptance of the black Muslim programs, with the final blow to democracy being the institution of the Islamic rule of Sharia Law, because neither Muslims nor Islamists regard themselves as being under the authority of the Constitution of the United States even while they reside among us.

Obama, along with his wife, Michelle, have had more than enough experience combined with rallying the troops and fundraising just on the basis of their background as professional community organizers and attorneys to help ensure their victory in this election.

Both served as co-founders of the Public Allies Corporation in Chicago, Illinois, and Obama was a Board member until his wife became executive director in 1993. The website states that it is an "American nonprofit dedicated to youth leadership development, founded in 1992 by Vanessa Kirsch and Katrina Browne in Washington, DC." The introduction goes on to state their core values are "collaboration, continuous learning, diversity/inclusion, focus on assets, and integrity." And they have apprenticeships to join other nonprofits to work together in groups of "6-12 people."

Their having ready-made access to network with such vast community organizations such as this with locations in key political states around this nation, gives them an advantage heads and shoulders above John McCain and the rest where they would, themselves, have no need to ask for the services of the so-called 527 lobbyist corporations to rally volunteers or solicit election contributions on their behalf.

What's more, all such organizations could still work on their behalf and, yet, remain apart from their campaign reporting, which is compiled by the Federal Election Commission, which also has oversight of federal election campaigns.

During Obama's primary campaign, Minister Louis Farrakhan endorsed his candidacy on behalf of the Nation of Islam, which he heads. As a result, Obama hurriedly renounced that endorsement just as he had earlier renounced and denounced Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Jr., his former pastor, of the Trinity United Church of Christ. Furthermore, when the New Black Panther organization endorsed Barack Obama's candidacy, they were, likewise, told by the Obama campaign that they would not accept their endorsement. And, with that, their ad was removed from the Obama website. However, they have vowed to remain supportive of the Obama bid for President. Those organizations are located in Chicago, Illinois, where Obama has lived and worked for over the past 20 years.

Minister Farrakhan sounded a clear clarion call for the black man, when he wrote to influence the black Muslims and their advocates to "evolve from the limited vision of the founding fathers and repudiate that vision...or say that the darker people will never be respected as equals inside of this nation." [He was speaking in America about America].

Farrakhan is a longtime friend of Obama and he also said, "America lies on her deathbed, is in dire need of guidance and a new direction. America is steadily on the decline. Her economy is faltering, her public schools are failing, maintaining the health of American people has proven too costly, crime is rampant, her sense of morality seems to have been lost and in general the whole future of the country has become a big question." quoted: A Torchlight for America, by Min. Louis Farrakhan. 1993.

There is no way that anybody can convince me that all those who advocate for separation of the races and creation of a black nation can for so long withhold their cooperation while they leach off this nation and then blame America for their vile situation. (Speaking to the brothers). Hear me!

There is no way I can be persuaded that anybody, regardless of their race, creed, and gender can come on these shores and bring their problems with them, and, yet, hold this nation solely responsible.

Although, many in black leadership have stepped up and claimed to have the solution, unfortunately, too many have also kept this nation bound to the race problem and it has been made into a cottage industry -- lucrative for everybody but the people who stand in line waiting for aid in America. So, if the black leaders have solutions who get their grants and budgets assuredly from this federal government, now is the time.

For, if you know the solutions but respond only with the problems, then it is you who are in the wrong and not America! And we are fed up with shuckers and jivers and schemers and connivers. We do not have to accept everything and anything that comes down the pike. We demand your best, because America deserves no less.

Obama's campaign offices are headquartered in Chicago and he recently moved the entire Democratic National Committee Headquarters (DNC) into his offices there, with the blessings from the current head of the DNC, Howard Dean. And, just think, he isn't even President, yet. But already he is running ahead of himself, even going so far as to create a brand new Presidential Seal for himself.

Somebody needs to remind him that this nation has only one President at the time, and his name is George W. Bush. Didn't he hear him tell the nation that he was not going to be a lame duck President? And, where is Congress in all of this outrageously unethical and unprofessional show before the whole world? We can do better! And we must!

Obama and his wife and aides no doubt hope to get away with what I see as them trying to dupe Americans. And they will get away with it, unless Americans of every hue - and especially white -wake up and all say, together, with one loud voice, "No way! Not in America the land that we love!"

And, unless that is done, then Americans can keep going along with Obama's not-so-hidden agenda filled with deception and destruction only to rue the day that they refused to hear or speak out against him and his plans to change America but without their consent

July 7, 2008

COMMENT by Leslie White
It's all about him, him, him--he's got a "funny" name, he doesn't look like any of the former Presidents, blah-blah-blah, change, blah-blah-blah (stentorian tone), "Yes we can!" Megalomaniac. If he gets in, he'll run the country, like his idols Chavez and Castro (I and II) run theirs.

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