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. . . and if he is, which "race" is he against?

What do his own words tell us about Barack Hussein Obama's racist prejudice?

Before I go on, why am I delving into--or trying to understand--Obama's psyche? Why am I trying to find out what makes this "phenomenon" tick? What business is it of an anti-Islamic-jihad site, such as this, to try and strip the Obama man of the brilliant, blinding aura of "the man destined to rule over us" which has been bestowed upon him by the adulating crowd of puerile fans that howl "CHANGE" and then repeat over and over again the hypnotizing chant "YES WE CAN"?

The answer, dear reader (or my friends, whichever you choose to be) can be found at

But back to the race card. Nobody came out, at least openly, playing that card except for Obama himself.

There is his attempt at preempting any mention of his race by opponents by comparing himself to the faces on our dollar currency and the snide remark that, I am paraphrasing here, "By the way, have you noticed that he [meaning himself] is black?"

Is he "black," however, or did he choose to be black? we'll let his own words define him:

(The following are quotes from Paul Eidelberg's "Obama and Israel’s Ruling Elites"

In Dreams of My Father, he wrote: “I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.” This suggests that Obama is . . . anti-Caucasian . . .

In the same book Obama said: “I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s race.” Further evidence that this “citizen of the world” may be a closet racist. For 20 years he attended the “God-damn-America” sermons of Jeremiah Wright.

In Audacity of Hope Obama wrote: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” It seems Obama never learned that Muslims—to say nothing of blacks—were preeminent in the African slave trade.

[close quote from Paul Eidelberg's]

Here you have the evidence. Damned by his own words, as he more often than not is what can make an accusation stick, Obama is a racist, he has and will continue to play the race card.

What this Obama racism means as far as "turning American society upside down," that is by drafting Americans to work in "the poorer sections," and globally extending this by taxing Americans to try and resolve the self-inflicted problems of Africa, is self-evident.


This Chicago-machine politician, this supposedly new candidate braying "Change!" over and over again, is in reality nothing but an old-line Chi-town politico--replete with unsavory criminal connections. To appeal to the black population, on whose support he counts on (there are a significant number of African-Americans, many with a public voice, who do not support candidate Obama), he made the conscious decision to opt out for the black, the African side of his dual heritage.

He reinforced this choice by not only rejecting his mother's race (Caucasian) but by denigrating it by joining an anti-White church that turns back to the African part of their heritage by damning the American part of it.

Although candidate Obama has in the recent past rejected this Afrocentric, anti-Caucasian church for political reasons, his choices mark him as an avid, if not rabid, racist.

This anti-Caucasian racist has managed to arouse the "white guilt" of his base: the Leftists and clueless youths and thereby garner their support.

What is ironic is that this mixed-race African-Caucasian with the African-Mohammedan name "Barack Hussein Obama" is not even of the heritage of his black base. He is not descended from the black people who helped build the United States, the African-Americans whose ancestors were either sold by Africans or after either being ensnared by or passing through the hands of Mohammedan Arabs finally sold to European-descended Caucasians.

The wife candidate Obama has chosen is by her own admission, by her uttered words and by the evidence of her scholastic documents at Princeton, an anti-Caucasian racist.

Candidate Obama is by all the evidence of his own words an anti-Caucasian racist who has hoodwinked his adulating followers and will betray them--Christians as well as Jews--as as surely as day follows night.

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